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The realistic pig breeding app "Pig Farm" has come back better than ever!!
"Pig Farm MIX" is a game where you will become the owner of the farm,
and take care of many kinds of pigs!

This time, we have 168 kinds of pigs!
We have added a "Breeding" feature where you can pair different pairs to create a new one!
A possibility that you can create a rare pig!?

You can post your piglet for auction. Let's see how much your pig sells for!

Take care of your own pigs and make them FAT!
But there's always a sad farewell...
Your cute pigs will be shipped.
No wonder, they're just pigs.

You can download the app for free.
Anyone can enjoy because it's simple and fun!

1.Rare Pigs appear when your rank gets higher.
Make sure to ship as many pigs as possible.
You can only ship low-ranked pigs at first,
but you will eventually get to ship highly-ranked pigs if your rank goes up.
Rare Pigs are difficult to take care of, but the price will be high when you sell them.
Let's ship many pigs and get your owner's rank higher.

2.Make different types of pigs!
We have added a new "Breeding" feature,
where you can breed male and female pigs to make a new piglet.
You can easily check what kind of piglet is coming.
Breed the pigs you grew!
There are some types of pigs that only come out by breeding...

3.Thrilling "Piglet Hunt"!
You can challenge piglet hunting by using the "hunt ticket"
Hunt the piglets using a rope, so that you'll be able to meet new ones.
There are some types of limited pigs that only show up by hunting!
"Rare Hunt Ticket" allows you to hunt only rare pigs!Thrilling!

4.It's hard to take care of them!
8 types of food for them to eat. Some have unbalanced diet,
meanwhile others only eat rich food.
Feed them regularly, or else rare pigs will turn into a hybrid.

5.Keep'em clean or it'll be a mess!!!
Poop cleaning is an important job for the owner.
If you keep it a mess, your lovely pigs will become ill!!
Kee your farm clean and keep your pigs healthy!

6.Many training items!
Poop cleaning "Poomba" and illness preventing "air conditioning".
"Mom's Carpet" enables pigs to give birth to a piglet a little faster.
"Snail Walk" slows down a pig's move during a hunt.
Many other items to choose from!
You'll be able to control many items more efficiently if you become used to it.

7.The Pig CollectionYour pigs will be added to the Collection.
It will show the pig's characteristics and the way to take care of it.
There are 6 chapters in the Collection,
and it is classified by the color of its skin when the pigs were still piglets.
You can also check the relationship diagram which helps you when breeding.
Will you be able to complete all pages??

8.Compete with other owners from around the country!!
You can compete with the owners from the country.
Who makes the most money?Who ships the most pigs?
Who's good at taking care of the pigs?
You can check all of them in the rankings.
Can you become the TOP OWNER!?
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1 Rating(s), 1 Comment(s)
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