Light up the darkness and get ready for battle. Protect the dream from the Nightmares and their monsters, the Nags. Nightfall is a new, free, online multiplayer game, which allows players to work as a team to battle evil dream monsters. When a player enters a game, they will automatically join a party, working together to defeat Nags and Nightmares. Along the way they will come across new tools to fight monsters and collect loot such as coins to access new skins and upgrade their battle power, in an attempt to save the dream world. Nightfall is a free, co-operative, multiplayer game with no in-app purchases, just free in-game upgrades.

• Battle monsters in an action-packed world
• Team up and play online with your friends
• Weekly drops with new skins and loot
• Defeat the Nightmares in a safe, multiplayer PvE environment
• Free online game with no adverts or in-app purchases
• Does not collect any personally identifiable information

What you will experience in the dream world…

You will enter a MMO PvE world where your main objective is to reach REM zone 5 and survive as long as you can. Each REM zone you will to battle Nightmares and Nags. Defeating Nightmares unlocks gates between REM zones, allowing Nightfallers to go into the deepest, darkest reaches of the dream. There, the Nightmares’ corruption is at its strongest, and where the Nags are at their most deadly... You will need to work as a team to fight the monsters. To triumph, you and your party will have to persevere and become more powerful. By growing in strength you can unlock new skins. There are over 200 masks and outfits to personalise your character and upgrade your equipment. The more you upgrade your equipment, the longer you will last in battle. This is a free, online, mulitplayer game for kids to play with other kids across the UK. Children can team up to enjoy the action together using codes they can share with each other. By forming a party together, they can work in coop to collect loot, fight the Nightmares and Nags. By dressing their characters in different skins and outfits, they can join the action in style! Each online arena in this MMO can hold a party of up to 20 battler players who can fight together, collect loot and defend the dream. The app presents no public-facing personal information and interactions are limited to preset emotes – so no chatter from unfriendly voices or people you don’t know.

In this co-op MMO, working together will be crucial as you take your Nightfall battler through the world. As an MMO, thousands of children can play Nightfall at one time, meaning there are countless other battlers to meet in the PvE arena. Co-op play groups children into teams automatically, or by sharing multiplayer codes, children and friends can play together and help each other defeat the Nags and Nightmares, who appear in the game as monsters.

Enter the dream. Defeat Nightmares. Become a legend.

For gamers who know what they're searching for, Nightfall offers:

• Free MMO play
• PvE play working together with other Nightfallers
• A dungeon battler with roguelite elements

For parents:

• Free online game for kids
• No in-app purchases
• No public-facing personal information
• Interactions are limited to preset emotes
• Kids teaming up and playng with other kids across the UK
• Does not collect any personally identifiable information
Graphics Gameplay Value Story Sound 1.8
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