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Zombie town is always dark and dark at night, night and night.

Welcome to Zombie Town, where only darkness exists.
Sight is where the narrow zombies don't know where to run to you.

Stop the zombie waves with your control strategy.
You can fire a rifle towards zombie automatically, but also target in the direction you want to fire.
Break up wooden box and Raise your abilities.
You can do massive damage to zombies by pushing the zombies to the corners to blow up the drums.
There's no time to relax after defeating Zombie Wave. An angry zombie boss will appear.
You can earn Zombie Coins by defeating Zombie Boss. Zombie Coins can make your hero stronger.

Sell ​​your inventory and collect gold to upgrade your items.
Kill zombies by upgrading rifles, pistols, and shotguns that each have different advantages.
Equip your armor to gain more HP but little slower movement.
Upgrade various equipment to kill more zombies.

Now, my role is over

It's time to enter the Zombie Town, where only darkness exists.
Good night~!!!
Graphics Gameplay Value Story Sound 3.0
2 Rating(s), 4 Comment(s)
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