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[This game is no longer in operation.]


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Black Clover: Phantom Knights is a mobile RPG based on the anime Black Clover. Players can experience the original story of Black Clover and recruit and train characters from it to help protect your kingdom. Strategically plan your battle formation and send out your team to gather useful equipments that can aid you during your journey!

Defend the kingdom while aiming to create the strongest Magic
Knights Brigade in this exciting new Kingdom Defense RPG!

▼Magic battles where your strategies decide the outcome!
Choosing the right characters and formations is the key to victory.
Work together with your teammates to unleash powerful combo
attacks using the All-Out Magic (AOM) System
and dominate battles with stunning Arcane Arts!

▼An original story!
Join familiar faces like Asta, Noelle, and Yami in an all-new adventure!
You can also meet Jien—a completely original character to this game!
Enjoy a unique Black Clover story that can only be experienced here!

▼Protect the Clover Kingdom!
Team up with other players to protect the Clover Kingdom from
those who wish to harm it!

▼Strengthen your Brigade members!
Gather your favorite characters and build your own unique Brigade!
Unlock their Grimoire Boards to power them up!
Equip Relics to grant them various effects to help them fight their best!

▼Deploy your Brigade members!
Send characters out to explore the country and they'll come back
with various items!
They can even find hidden Dungeon Quests!
Clear the dungeons to get incredible items!
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326 Rating(s), 260 Comment(s)
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