It’s an app for smartphones that have ARCore support that lets users decorate their spaces with anime AR figures made with 3DCG.
AR makes it possible to enjoy the figures in plenty of ways, such as changing their poses or their sizes to the user’s desire.

***Users can create their own detailed poses using four sprays***
(1) Size Spray
Users can change sizes between 1/1, 1/7, 1/60, and 1/144.
(2) Pose Spray
Users can move the joints to create their favorite poses.
(3) Facial Spray
Users can adjust the figures’ expressions by tapping the numbers that appear to the left and right.

***How to Play with HoloModels™***
(1) Calibrate the camera by having the app recognize the floor and walls, and then make the AR figure rack appear.
The rack will hold the AR figure packages and sprays that a user has.
(2) When a particular package is tapped, the AR figure will appear, and it can be put wherever the user would like.
(3) When the sprays in the rack are used, the user can perform different operations.
*The sprays available vary based on AR figure.

***The Three Types of Items Make It Even More Fun***
Each AR figure comes with a set of accessories that lets users have even more fun with them.
Holdable items that users can make the AR figure hold in their hands.
Ornaments that users can place on the same plane as the AR figure.
Stickers that users can set anywhere in the space.

***Operational Points to Note***
- The AR figures are best displayed against floors or walls made of wood or other plain patterns. Please do not cover the back camera when using this app.
- The selectable options (AR figure, sprays, etc.) can be changed completely by layering the option over the + on the screen. When the + gets surrounded by a ○, it can be changed.
- When the + has turned into a ○, a long press will make it go into “Handheld Mode.”
- If the spray is tapped quickly while in Handheld Mode, it will spray so users can perform each operation.
- When the DONE button above the AR figure’s head is pressed, the adjustment of the figures will be complete. 
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