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· Background
The monsters were finally defeated, but the remaining monsters still attacked humans. So the king decided to hire a lot of soldiers to assault the monster's headquarter in the ground,and get the coins back.

· Game Introduction
It's the time for humans' fight back.
Endless monsters,fighting in dungeon.
Defeat various monsters,challenge the dragon,go deep into dungeon.
Recruit more commanders with different weapons to increase fighting efficiency.

· Features
Run your own armies,fighting process automation!
Idle game-even when you are not playing, you actually are!
Playable even offline!

· Guidelines
Keep beating monsters
Hire commanders to boost morale to get more coins.
Upgrade and level up – way to max your profit.

Fun to play and the best time pass as a leisure activity.
How many coins can you make?
Graphics Gameplay Value Story Sound 5.0
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