Find your perfect anime girlfriend in this unique bishoujo game from Genius Studio Japan!


You are a normal high school student who has a crush on a cute classmate, Isla. Knowing that she likes a guy who swims well, you decide to teach yourself at the beach to impress her. But you are caught in the waves and get dragged under. Just as you think you’re done for; someone appears and saves you.

As you open your eyes, you find out there are three girls arguing-Isla and another two girls. The two girls are clearly aren’t human; they have Killer Whale tail and jellyfish-like hat in their body. Surprised, you try to run away but Isla comes after you. But in the process, you both fall into the water and you see Isla turn into a mermaid!

“We are going to watch you… not to disclose our secret!”

Your normal life starts to roll dynamically with Isla’s sudden kiss…Now, can you imagine how will your story end like with these unique girls?

Isla is the only daughter of the Merfolk King and is a princess. She was sent ashore and has infiltrated human society as part of a project to learn more. She dislikes humans, but she acts politely in front of them because her father told her. She seems a little stressed out with this situation, and she only shows you true herself...

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Pearl is a jellyfish and also Isla's handmaid. She loves humans and is interested in anything of human origin. She’s especially obsessed with Jello. She enjoys being Isla’s handmaiden, but her clumsiness has caused a lot of accidents and she’s never been able to realize her full potential. She wants to prove herself to both Isla and the others by following Isla to the human world.

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Delta is a killer whale and is Isla's bodyguard. She usually plays it cool and comes off as mature. She’s a woman of few words, but when it comes to Isla, she easily loses her cool and panic. She’s very passionate about her role as Isla’s bodyguard, but as she begins spending time with everyone in the human world, she starts to rethink her life and roles...

Find out more about her in My Mermaid girlfriend!
Graphics Gameplay Value Story Sound 4.3
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