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[This game is no longer in operation.]


☞ Other Version(s): Muv-Luv Dimensions

Immortals: Muv-Luv Alternative (previously also known as: Project Immortal) is the newest mobile game of the "Muv-luv" series, developed by aNCHOR. The game is released on both iOS and Android, operating in Japanese exclusively.

The setting of the game inherits the worldview and the story background of the original work "Muv-luv", which is a visual novel of love comedy in the first chapter, then becomes a serious sci-fi adventure story. Players need to control the popular characters from the series and Tactical Surface Fighters (TSF), a kind of large bipedal machine, to fight against a  mysterious swarm of alien creatures called "BETA", as they have invaded and disrupted the Earth. All the stories narrated in the game are completely new and original. Players can enjoy a riveting plot with an intense atmosphere and charismatic characters.

The style of the game is a hybrid of action and RTS game. Players need to navigate the TSFs to attack and dodge the enemy's attack on the battlefield. Once the enemies are defeated, there is a chance of them dropping a piece of equipment, which can be collected and equipped by the player. These pieces of equipment are critical in relation to upgrading both the variation and the power of the attack by the player. In addition, each character and TSF has a unique skill that can turn any dangerous situation around. All in all, the battles in Immortals: Muv-Luv Alternative are speedy and exciting, which are real tests to the player's sense of battle and strategic thinking.

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152 Rating(s), 200 Comment(s)
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