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The Flying Squirrel Kindergarten is a simulation game developed by 스튜디오 소개.

It's actually a project from a designer who wants to take care a flying squirrel.
Welcome to the Flying Squirrel Kindergarten !!
Please be a teacher and help the flying squirrels reinver.

Game rules

1. Tap on the screen to call up some flying squirrel friends.

2. Fill up the dishes and give the hungry flying squirrels acorns.

3. When the squirrel friends eat acorns and play with toys, they drop the clovers.

4. Let's gather clovers and decorate them with various items.

5. I can meet new stories and special flying squirrel friends.

Let's find various flying squirrel friends.
You can meet unique friends such as flying squirrels with past life and flying squirrels with unique figures.

Let's see the cute images of the mischievous flying squirrels in our hands.
Turn around in wheels, go back and forth high, the lovely images of a flying squirrel hanging around on a soft cushion.

With various backgrounds and furniture, you can make your own kindergarten as you want.
Cloud Kindergarten? Cotton candy kindergarten!
Even you can go to the moon with your friends.

Small sky squirrel friends on my hand
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1 Rating(s), 1 Comment(s)
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