Pro Baseball Superstars is a mobile baseball game developed by GAMEVIL.
Breathtaking room flying at my will!
Enjoy your own baseball! ★ Gamebil Professional Baseball ★
[Reservation notice for advance reservations]
Upon completion of the initial tutorial, it will be sent to your mailbox.

Please check the official cafe for more information!

■ Game Introduction ■

▶ Cultivate the "Athletes of the Universe"!
Alpha and omega of gamebil pro baseball!
I can't satisfy my boss!
Create a fantasy team with your own players!

▶ Super Master Horse Player Set!
He is responsible for everything from training to competition!
Hard training start with horse player!
The moment you need a room! It is a charter station as a horse player!

▶ The start of excitement!
I'm a Lansian love craftsman!
The only romance to soothe your tiredness with baseball!
Find only one ties to complete your own player!

▶ Dreamful baseball is a reality!
Take down your opponent's steamer with harness and mata!
Latte is 100 home runs!
Unimaginable Superstar League! Finally kicked off!
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** Minimum Specification: Galaxy S5 (OS 5.0) / RAM 2G
** Some items in this game require purchase and additional charges may apply.
Smartphone app access permission guide

▶ Guide to Access Rights
When using the app, we request access to provide the following services.
[Optional access rights]
-Terminal information: Information necessary for the progress of the event in the game, confirmation of who is eligible for compensation, and handling customer service inquiries. Does not affect device functionality, including dialing.
-Storage: This is the permission used to save or load the game screen. You do not access any personal stored information other than games.
※ Even if you do not agree to grant optional access right, you can use the service except functions related to the right.
※ If you are using Android 6.0 or lower version, you cannot set optional access rights individually, so we recommend upgrading to 6.0 or higher.
※ Some apps may not provide the individual consent function, and you can revoke the access right as follows.

▶ How to withdraw access
After consenting to access, you can reset or revoke access as follows.
[OS 6.0 or above]
Settings> Application Management> Select App> Permissions> Choose Access Agreement or Revocation
[Less than 6.0 operating system]
Upgrade your operating system to revoke access or remove apps
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Graphics Gameplay Value Story Sound 3.7
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