◆◇◆ Story ◆◇◆
It has been loved from the moment you were born I, captivated all people to see, and had sent every day to be chased.
And I, which began to retreat to the room when or from, this day quietly decide -

I will live in peaceful and nobody place ...!

◆◇◆ How to Play ◆◇◆
It is not found in people who thwart the way, let's induce hero by tapping the map.
If reach within the time limit to the goal, it becomes clear the stage.
But if you become caught in the middle, it will be returned to the starting point.

While confirm the opponent's patterns, and the knack of the capture is the advance so as not to enter the field of vision!

In this game, there is a replay values such as the number of acquisition and the clear time and found the treasure box.
If it is possible to get all the trophies, you are a escape master!

※ Sorry. This game use Japanese language.
※ If the operation is unstable, I will quit this app and other apps, please try to start again app.

※ This game has been produced in RPG Maker MV.
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