Himegimi Detective is a suspense game developed by YOX-Project.

This game is a suspense/mystery visual novel.
A visual novel is like enjoying a book but with beautiful visuals to enhance the reading experience!

-- Important information --
* Currently the only language supported is Japanese.
* We are currently translating into English.
* Thank you for your patience until we can get the English language version released!

-- Story --
I'm Sayla Limehult, the first princess of my homeland of Ratania Kingdom.
I left it all behind to start a new Japanese branch detective agency in Akihabara in Japan.

Suddenly, there were reports of a group who called themselves 'The Looming' that turned out to be the most difficult case that Sayla had ever encountered before.
Mysterious tricks are happening behind closed doors.
Even the charming, mysterious Kaito seems suspicious!
Was this an elaborate murder plot or some sort of devious trick to cover the culprit's real motive?

Going on the limited information I had, it was going to take all my skills of reasoning and deduction to arrive at the cleverly hidden truth behind this whole incident.

The story of a princess leaving her homeland behind to pursue a career as a detective to unravel what seems an impossible mystery - begins now!

-- Official website --

-- Latest support information (September 7, 2019) --
* Android 10 supported.

-- Unsupported devices / Trouble shooting --
Please check this information.

-- Acknowledgements --

© 2014-2017 YOX-Project. All rights reserved.
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