2.5D fantasy adventure homage to "The Little Prince ".

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◾️ Synopsis
A small, barren star which has lost the Lord. A boy who abandoned his world and came to become a new “manager” for the little star. A small star that changes seasons with the hands of a young man, "Geard", who is the previous manager and the boy touches the memories of the people and things left behind there.
-Even if you go far away.

◾️ Features
・ Focused on scenario, and there is a few puzzles.
・ 2.5D world consisting of 3D sphere model and pixel art.
・An adventure game that you can play by manipulating characters.
・ A Fantastic world view with subtle original graphics.
・ A world view / scenario homage to “The Little Prince”

Production tool: Unity
Play time: about 2 hours
Number of EDs: 1 (There is no big branch, and if you handle all the sub-events, an extra scene will be added.)
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