My Time Traveling Girlfriend is a simulation game developed by Genius Studio Japan Inc..

Find your perfect anime girlfriend in this unique bishoujo game from Genius Studio Japan!


College life is going pretty well for you. You get along with your roommate, you’re doing well in your classes, and you spend your free time hanging out with your nature-loving childhood friend Emily.

Then, one day, you decide to take a walk along an unfamiliar road. There, you find a mansion inhabited by two mysterious girls named Ceres and Astra. Something about them just doesn’t seem quite right, and they soon force you to leave. Determined to find answers, you investigate them further, but you aren’t prepared for what you’ll find.

For the two girls are time travelers from the future… and they have an urgent mission: find the three ingredients they need to cure Astra’s rare illness and save her life.

And now that you know the truth, they need your help.


The Aloof Seeker - Ceres
Ceres cares dearly about her younger sister, but she’s not too eager to work with a stranger. When she reluctantly joins forces with you, will you break through her cold exterior?

The Frail Optimist - Astra
Although Astra is physically weak due to her illness, she always sees the best in every situation. As you fight to get the cure she needs, will she begin to fall in love?

The Outgoing Activist - Emily
Your best friend for many years, Emily loves nature and will do anything to support a good cause. Will your secret mission drive you apart or bring you closer together?

The quest to find the ingredients for Astra’s cure won’t be an easy one, and your time together might be limited. But as you work together toward this dangerous quest, what will happen if you lose your heart?
Graphics Gameplay Value Story Sound 3.6
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