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EPHEMERAL -MINIATURE GARDEN- is an otome game developed by HUNEX CO.,LTD..

This is a story of a mermaid, who reign over the world of darkness.

◆Recommended users
・Users who want to play free games
・Users who have an interest in Japanese content
・Users who like Japanese comics and anime
・Users who want to fall in love with an attractive male
・Users who want to read an exciting and sweet story
・Users who want to play games in their spare time

◆Play Instructions
You can continue to read a story by using a key to open up another chapter.
You can aqcuire keys at the shop by either purchasing them or exchanging them for points you collected for free.
By saving up points, you can read all stories for free.
Even if you do not have any more keys, you can still read a little further by watching the video.

How you choose could determine whether you become closer to him !?
Relish a deep romance with dashingly handsome monsters.

Our heroine, Aria, was leading a privileged and comfotable life as a mermaid with her beautiful mother and loving father.
Until one day, something terrible befell this family that was envied by all.
Accused and convicted of murdering her mermaid mother, the heroine was supposed to be sent to jail――――.
But where she arrived at was a secret courtyard where a certain species was kept isolated.

Coming from a respectable family, she who was raised up dearly like a princess with lots of love from her father.
Confident and always ready to speak her mind, she finds it entirely natural to order and stand above the subordinate species.
Her mother is beautiful, and when the heroine was still a child, she was tremendously proud of her mother and wanted to be like her.
Although somewhat self-centered, she's still an innocent young girl blissfully unaware of the cruel side to mermaids.

One of the problem children who escapted the facility in the past. He's a merman with a scar on his face from an earlier burn.
He doesn't think highly of mermaids. But despite his deep mistrust against mermaids, he does not show it openly.
Similarly, he doesn't show his emotions and always remains cool and distant towards the heroine.

Foulmouthed and always ready for a fight, he often clashes with our heroine.
He is inordinately attached to his mother, and feals great anger towards the facility that separated him from her. He yearns to break out of the facility one day to rejoin his mother.
Although psychologically somewhat immature, he's responsible and actively takes care of daily chores and cleaning.
From childhood he never had any tutors, and as a result studying never became his forte.

Having a gentle nature, he laughs a lot and is forthright in his emotions.
Although he treats everybody equally, deep down inside he remain's detached and rational, and appears to have lost something special within him.
Rare for a merman, he has no attachment whatsoever towards people or things.
He always feels empty and nihilistic, and at times he envies the other mermen.
From his childhood he didn't have a worry in the world. He was provided with whatever he needed even without asking for it, and he had his mother and servants all under his complete control.

※The basic play mode is free. There are, however, some items that need to be purchased.
※The game may not function on certain devices.
※Under certain actual usage conditions, functionality may become unstable.
※Secure ample memory space on your device by closing unused apps, for example.
※The game will not function offline. To play, you must be connected to the internet.
※Separate data transmission fees may be needed in order to connect to the internet.


◆About the provider
HuneX's vision is to "provide inspiration and dreams to people", and to deliver entertainment around the globe.

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Graphics Gameplay Value Story Sound 3.6
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