* Chat battle
The opponent's attack will be done after own attack, like chatting.
There is no randomness in damage and it is almost fixed.

* Party
Select 5 out of 15 member excluding the hero.
Depending on the combination of the party,
it has the potential to demonstrate many times more power.

* Bonds
If the bonds rank between companions become the highest,
they can acquire each other's skills.

* How to raise the bonds rank
The bonds rank of the party member will rise when finish the adventure.
Also, the bonds rank of the party member who acted together at the previous/following action with will rise, too.

* Skills (a party member always has one skill)
Fixed skill ... Although it is highly effective from the beginning, even if the level goes up, the strength remains intact.
Growth skill ... Prove one's merits by becoming high level but weak at low level.

* Level
The upper limit is 5 (slight increase according to conditions).
Status rising at level up is fixed.

* Experience Bonus
Growth is faster if you fight a lot.
(The fought buddies are further added to the usual experience value.)
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