One day, the moon scattered into thousand pieces!

We've been waiting for you
The sage, kingdom's only hope!

About this game!
-This game does not contain any of mandatory ads!
-Challenging puzzles that will test your limits!
-Amazing dot graphics & beautiful BGMs!

True indie game,
We made this game because "We" wanted to play!

Sudoku X Minesweeper!!!
Meet the next level puzzle game!

Heart touching story, Astonishing dot graphics with gorgeous music!

Restore the villages to save the kingdom!
This puzzles will be never easy!

IQ? your school scores? forget all those!
How far you get in this game!
That's gonna be the new standard!

We've warned you that these puzzles aren't easy.
We recommend you to read the game rules in the pause scene.

Those datum will be used only for the leader board, won't be saved or used for any other reason.

## If any graphic problem occurs, Please check your display resolution in your settings app.

[ Setting > Display > Display resolution ]


Any bug report or advice will be helpful.
Graphics Gameplay Value Story Sound 3.3
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