Persona 5 Royal Notes

Roei Danin i hope you release it to pc pls
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xElindrax got this today :3 Rimuru and Ann [哇噻][哇噻][哇噻]
really wanted Rimuru [賣萌][賣萌][開心][開心]
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Ionela Catan
Fanarts Appreciation Fanart Summoner - Today's Fanart -
Artist: Pixiv@河CY
Series: Persona 5
Original link:
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Husbando Paradise Fanart Summoner * Today's Husbando - Ren Amamiya from Persona 5 * Original Source/Artist: Pixiv@斉藤ロクロ
Source Link:
Will post husbando pic everyday with credits of artists! Follow for more tomorrow!
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