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King_Titan challenge and a bunch of corpses)
King_Titan What is the year now?) UPD. The bug/error has already been fixed.
King_Titan *ideal weapon (it's not) for a challenge where max HP=1*
7Lords Game Hunter Soulknight Arena Gameplay - Battle Royale Android iOS Game: Soulknight Arena 
Genre: Battle Royale 
Soulknight Arena GAME 
Soulknight Arena is a brand new, multiplayer, 2D battle royale game of the classic Soulknight Franchise.
Players will compete on a big and pluralistic map alongside treasure chests, challenging boss, distinctive weapons and a continuously shrinking safe zone.
Player can choose character with unique skill, team up with at most 2 other players, compete against up to 30 other players and ultimately win the championship of the battle royale.
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7LGAMEPLAY Game Hunter Soul Knight Prequel Gameplay - Pixel ARPG Android iOS Game: Soul Knight Prequel 
Genre: Pixel ARPG 
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