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Higher Supreme having troubles with vpn does anyone know any vpn that works with konofan?.i tried with urban and it doesn't work anymore and open vpn is having errors right now.any suggestions? Read Note
Dimka Sokolov Solve for bugged enemies I found one video, where problem with enemies, support, modes and freeze a game are solved. I change language on my phone from russian on english, and that's works. I don't know, this is permanent or temporary solve, but this helped me Read Note
Mister J The game freezes when the loading screen reaches 100%, I know the problem doesn't come from my VPN 'cause I didn't get the error. I really need to farm for the incoming BOFURI collab so if someone has a solution, tell me please! Read Note
QooApp News Konosuba: Fantastic Days JP Celebrates 2.5 Year Anniversary with Special PV Konosuba: Fantastic Days JP celebrates its 2.5-year anniversary on August 27! Check out the special PV featuring the bombastic goddess Lalatina! 
Read Note news.qoo-app.com Konosuba: Fantastic Days JP Celebrates 2.5 Year Anniversary with Special PV and Exclusive Units - QooApp News Konosuba: Fantastic Days JP will officially celebrate its 2.5-year anniversary on August 27 by holding various campaigns, including the Reunite This Self-Proclaimed Legendary Unit! story event.


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