CanameMik Top Contributor a little recommendation for the gacha thingy! idk if it's going to be removed soon but if it's going to be a permanent feature i think it would be better if there's more way to gain ticket other than keep logging in. here's some recommendation:
1. add mini game! i mean, literal mini game, since this app already took a lot of storage, it couldn't be a really serious game.
2. add daily mission, like review one game per day, like a certain amount of notes, etc. Read Note
CanameMik Top Contributor just noticed that i got this and thank you, i guess [害羞] Read Note
Dylon Whisler i can't play jojo's bizarre adventure diamond records. it won't install on my old Samsung Galaxy j3. Read Note
Bayu Ariyanto ok Read Note
junemsx thai เยี่ยม Read Note


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