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F505 Faisal Alqhtani Hi .. im Come back tomarket into fromin bogram you •
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Account_Not_Found Top Contributor [Golden Week QooApp Gacha!] #free_QooApp_Gachas 
If you miss any, NO WORRIES, you can get it here!
(NSFW tag is off because of OFFICIAL LEGIT CONTENTS!)
(New experimental format, if you like this simplified informative version, click LIKE and we will be adapting this new format)
It took me 110 Gachas to get them all...1 card just took the final 55 Gachas...
Here they are:
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Account_Not_Found Top Contributor [Imagine...] — If I have... Take a look at this: Read Note
sakura Yui


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PhD in Anime
【Share of Today】Mommy Are The Best! Who Is Your Favorite Anime Mother? Last Sunday was Mother's Day, I’m sure all of you spent quality time with your mama!!🎀

Favorite mother character?

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