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sevenzer0 welp idk is this english japan or what- Read Note
Temmy Vid I'm getting the sense that the devs sent this out to die. The gacha and stat raising parts are gone, and the story isn't fully voiced anymore. So the フルボイス advertising is a lie unless they have unannounced plans to add audio back for the main story later on. Read Note
aikatsu paris Is this game offline ? there is no gacha or things to earn. Only lesson and story to play
Read Note
The Tired Artist we could GARDEN together Read Note


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Qootaku Guide to Pick Up Boys #sneak_peek #book_preview I bet no one is expecting this, but Sneak Preview Number 2 is up! Here's something for the other half of the audience: ~~~~~~~~~~~ Let this be made public loud and clear: Most men are horny. The usual route to fish out the easiest boy toys: Use sexy profile pictures/sexy poses/stuff your bras or just talk/type with a flirty tone. They will fall for it easily. Then you will be getting the haters and white knights as your Tier 2...... Other than the usual route, there is an "Old Mama's Route" as told by many moms: "All men like to eat. Learn to make delicious food and you get them all."...... Undeniably, that is also true it seems. However, unlike the rest of males I know, Vettel (Former 4-time World Champion in F1) and I share an uncommon ideal: "Food are just fuel of life." There are always unicorns out there that do not fall under the categories of "boy toy", "white knight", "food critic"...... Then you got "Jock". All the sex appeal you need, but none of the intellect you want. To be frank, living with a jock is fairly easy. They are absolutely focused on the sport they like and they are good at it. The only backlash you are most likely to get: the jars of honey surrounding them......No joke, most jocks I know, they are "Drownin' bitches", and quite a few of them have regular "mating rituals" with various girls or multiple girls...... ...... In the end, do remember one thing: despite all the sterotypes we have, each of them is likely to be slightly different from their own sterotype. Each individual has his own thoughts, you might pick from one of the many sterotypes, but never fully assume he is exactly a sterotype. I do get these comments from both males/females: "You are so mysterious//full of surprises//unpredictable." Just because I am into anime, doesn't mean I am not good at any sports at all//I give zero F's in politics, sports, real life dramas, show biz, philosophy, science, engineering, environmental issues, health issues, mental health issues or sexual harassments. Not everyone is into the same thing or issue, so before you completely take someone off your list, make absolutely sure that there is one specific thing about him/her you WILL NEVER ACCEPT as a person, instead of picking out just some minor behavioral issues or certain hobby...... ~~~~~~~~~~~~ If you enjoy the sneak preview of "Manhunting for the Qoo Ladies", remember to sign up for petition below! Still unsure if the book is for you, come back tomorrow for another sneak peek. Petition here: Account_Not_Found is asking for a petition on his Note “Qootaku Guide to Pick Up Girls ” in QooApp!Check it out! As always,
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