Helios Rising Heroes Notes

Pierre HELLOOOO does anyone have a helios discord server? I have no friends to talk about this game (#--)/ . Read Note
поччи я ради дайев в анстаре Read Note
Lyka how do i fix this? everytime i open it it's always loading i waited for an hour and it's still loading my network is completely fine, i tried deleting and installing it alot of times yet it still doesn't work. this has been working well but ever since i updated it, it's always loading now :(( Read Note
★shoeleices (closed) hellu everyone! im planning to create a discord server community for project sekai and other games where we can talk to other people and find some friends aswell !! ^^ i would like for someone to promote the server for more members to interact with! i would be glad if youre willing to help build up and give ideas for the server! im willing to give you the moderator role aswell as to help me and others in the server!! thank you everyone!! please comment your discord user so i can add you in the server! Read Note
EstiqueLynm can anyone tell me why i cant see the animated part of this card? [大哭][大哭] Read Note


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