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QooApp News TAITO ‘s Rakugaki Kingdom Ends Service on November 2 TAITO 's Rakugaki Kingdom mobile RPG will end service on November 2. The game was launched on January 22 and has run for only 9 months.
Read Note news.qoo-app.com TAITO ‘s Rakugaki Kingdom Ends Service on November 2 - QooApp News - QooApp TAITO announced that Rakugaki Kingdom mobile game will end service on November 2. The game was launched in January and has run for only 9 months.
黒い白 just happened to login then found service termination is due from producer note, kinda sad that it has to happen... really liked the canvas mode, but welp cant be helped, tbh the gameplay itself is bit too boring and boy the gacha mechanics is straight up terrible and unrewarding...
hopefully if taito decides to remade the game someday, things would be improved in a good way.
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Huy Nguyen Hololive X Rakugaki Kingdom
Connor Touhou for smash Read Note
Sheep of PokéPerfection I need help whenever i try downloading the data, it just stays at 0.03% but my wifi is good, what should i do? Read Note


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