teiko jima full size? Read Note
Michael Ishibashi So I rolled 3 times in a row and I only got R's... but that's totally fine! Cause I found out that these girls are super useful in battle and super cute too!!! [色色]

Nameera has an Ultimate Attack that hits an enemy and then explodes downwards! So if the enemy is on a thin platform, it'll make a hole and the enemy will fall in! This is super helpful if the enemy is too strong and you need a quick way to destroy them!

Denise's Ultimate Attack is similar to Nameera's. Except instead of exploding downwards, it explodes in a horizontal line! So not only will her attack hit multiple enemies in a row, but it can also destroy any cover they're hiding behind! It's great for destroying enemies hiding behind a wall!

And then Ruya has an Ultimate Attack that's an Area of Effect ice blast! So it's perfect for shooting it into groups of enemies and weakening them all at once! Just don't use it when she's close to the enemy... I accidentally did that and she got hit with the ice too! [大哭]

Did anyone roll SR's or higher? Cause I'd love to see how strong they are and what their Ultimate Attacks are! [哇噻] Read Note
Arijit Karmakar can any one help me i can't install the game qooapp says out of memory but i have enough memory Read Note
Kanako Hashita anyone have a tier list? Read Note
雪玲969 The characters and enemies are all small like ants in a big screen it's very hard to see and aim the shot. I wished they could make them bigger like previous mihoyo game. Read Note


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