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QooApp News Masterwork Apocalypse Genesis Book Anthropomorphic Mobile Game Launches in Japan Masterwork Apocalypse Genesis mobile RPG officially launches in Japan! Join the anthropomorphic book characters to save the world!
Read Note [Qoo News] Masterwork Apocalypse Genesis Book Anthropomorphic Mobile Game Officially Launches in Japan - QooApp NetEase’s Masterwork Apocalypse Genesis mobile RPG officially launches in Japan today on July 29. Players will be joining the anthropomorphic book characters to save the world from its end. ▍Pre-
Epic7Global Oh man, this game is dead, my guild have only 5 active members, previous guild only 1 or 2 active members, no one figthing in pvp....haiz... Read Note
Shin A72 Stupid I don't know if it's a bug or not, but there is this particular character that can't and will never cast a skill on auto, skill isn't not available to select even on semi-auto (where you configure to choose which action for auto to perform). For you out there who likes to jump to simple basic conclusion, I'm not talking about locked skill, it's about ultimate skill Read Note
3nds Gaming My Luckiest Account!! All 5 Top Tier!! Read Note


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