Adam Uchiha
Adam Uchiha im lost 13000 gems 3step Read Note
Jenenge Mcvuri
Jenenge Mcvuri are you kidding me ains?? with single pull!
2 tiket got her n 6* wind weapons??
n this banner gave me princess tomboy!? too
4, 3 step pulls? [發困]
yea it was better than jp [難過]
has 5 step it doesn't even gave me character [為什麼]
neiter collaboration or baner character [no]
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Utin Istiana Malinda
Utin Istiana Malinda in some chapters there are some treasure chest in the lone kind of island. once I "search" near it I still can't find the path. even after I searched the whole area. in the end my completion is not 100% [大哭] heelp! what should I do ??? Read Note
Adam Uchiha
Adam Uchiha ohh Yeah step 1...!!!! Read Note
EkoPrasetyo This game definitely need to catch up with JP ver.
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