Astrau officiel impossible to find the update. I hope it will be done quickly. Read Note
firerocket The game didn't update after i installed the update, what happened?
Read Note
Daniel Lindskoog Has anyone got the I-400 sisters yet? want to build a sub only fleet. if they dont show up in the next few months will drop this one. Read Note
Kyoko Kirigiri I love arpeggio of blue steel more than anyone, i adore the anime and the manga and its a huge ass coping method for me. I wish it would of been translated even if it was with Google translate. But i mean the gameplay? It sucks. I wish it was something besides wait and tap. As the biggest fan, I'm extremely sad. Read Note
Daniel Lindskoog Oh for the love of God. when will they allow the I-400 Sisters. i want to run only a Submarines fleet!!! Read Note


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