Moh. Rijal Udine sama
Moh. Rijal Udine sama how to get hyuga for level up? Read Note
Revilia how to bind or save account ? Read Note
lintang merdeka
lintang merdeka cheers :3 oh yeah, found out that haruna will be a reliable tanker as BB because she has dome shield to prevent damage, i dunno about ssr kirishima (teddy bear) would be worth as BC since her ultimate strike multiple target. what's ur opinion about other botes guys? #cmiiw Read Note
シュウサウラ my new fleet, I want to up the character of the SSR iona but it is hard to end up with the SR character iona Read Note
Quyền Nguyễn Thế
Quyền Nguyễn Thế so, SR Iona is the only ship that has healing skill, SSR Iona is very similar to R Iona, kinda disappointed. I don't have R Iona that appears on the last tile of summon rate tab. Anyone has any idea about her skill, is those good?
anyway, i used Haruna and did everything i could with her but still can't unlock hidden stage 4. What exactly i need to do? Read Note


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