Hixjehdjhdkqjaj 一直通信失敗是甚麼一回事??bug嗎?? Read Note
Joshua Desrosiers
Joshua Desrosiers Ehh... Why is this game is the "games" section AND in the pre-register section? Is this game out or not? Im totally confused.... Read Note
Sabina Illes
Sabina Illes I downloaded this for the Isekai Quartet event, but if it's 'Coming Soon', sounds like I'll miss it?? Read Note
Joshua Desrosiers
Joshua Desrosiers Coming soon... Really now?
Well, WERE NOT INTERESTED!! Do that in yer freakin room when yer alone with yer girlfriend, you perverted cellphone game!!! D:<

...Now, can you please let us play?? Thank you! ^.^ Read Note
sitri yami
sitri yami english version plish!
Read Note


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