Shogun Tanuki
Shogun Tanuki exchanged this one with the 4* ticket from the event rewards Read Note
Eion Khor Y.H.
Eion Khor Y.H. Does anyone know how to make purchase in the game? My region is Malaysia

哪个大大能告诉我怎么充值吗?我这地区是马来西亚。 Read Note
Shogun Tanuki
Shogun Tanuki my last x10 was crappy but today I had some good luck Read Note
LoliMaker Wha... this is just like your common tcg but the dev don't have any proper 2D chara artist so they use a real image as portrait. Man, why ?

The girls' are cute anyway, so I'll stick to it for a little while. Read Note
Scion Storm
Scion Storm This game is super different. The live idol girls as characters is pretty fun. #TheFirstOne Read Note


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