v l o n e OMGOMGOMG
does anybody knows if the manga is finished?? i couldn't find new chapters and i tought it went on hiatus )): please let me know if there are new chapters and where I can read them,,,, and sorry for my english i'm not a native speaker and i'm too excited to even elaborate a good pharagraph >>>~<<<" Read Note
Hikari -Chan I installed the ameba apps but I don't find it, can someone help me? Read Note
Yuu Satsu Euh... Shouldn't we be enjoying it right now ?? It's passed more than a month for the releasing date !!! 😫😣😣[憋屈] Read Note
Matthew Mitchell So basically the quadrants for homestuck for a game BL Read Note
Ashlee Jane isn't this out already? according to what i have seen on twitter that is Read Note


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