Neuza Sofia Hello, can you release the game to Portugal? Can make a superstar related to all produce seasons, for example, make produce songs with symbol cards and groups like always do but can do ?! Can you make a produce dedicated to starship? Can you also add WayV on superstar sm? And add Boystory to superstar jyp? please! [可憐][可憐][可憐][可憐][可憐][可憐] Read Note
Vasylyna Ostapiv I can't login with Google account. I restarted game many times and 1 time reinstall. N Read Note
NewStaff i'm a lowkey weebo. Read Note
Chloé Pham I can't log in with my Facebook account :( Read Note
JungQi please superstar cube

i mean pentagon (g)idle clc .... please Read Note


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