Aminata BA très Bon jeu

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Hirobo For those who doesn't know about the campaign and for those who cannot find all the codes.
First, copy your PID in game from その他 - せってい
Access to this page:
-Paste your PID in the first bar
-Choose the account you want to take gift
-Type the code below in the third bar (Note that the code doesn't include the number and : mark)
Example: [1:treasure] the code is [treasure] Read Note
matheus binder gosto muito yokai essa é <3 ・ิ≖ ω ≖・ิ✧ Read Note
Aminata BA s il vous plait aider moi j ai installé le jeu mais ca ne veux pas marché alors que le charge ment est fini s il vous plait😭😭😭😭

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Dark !! se jeux vidéo est trop cool [哇噻] Read Note


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