sahar sharifi How do I solve the lag problem when doing live shows? Read Note
♡Mutiara Chan♡ I just wanna comeback in this game... but what's wrong with the system in this game ? login for 5 times made me bored... please repair and back to normal again ! Read Note
リーリー☆ I've been wondering if someone could help me. I've been playing the game for a while, but I had to uninstall it for reasons I won't go into. I have an I-SKY account, so all my data is backed up. However, when I try to restore my account on the I-SKY website, it gives me this error message. I am logged into my I-SKY account, and I click on the link that takes me back to to game. But no matter what I do, it just won't let me link my account. I have tried it on my phone and my tablet. Neither have worked. Any suggestions? Read Note
Ricky Andrea Dovionzo please add JKT48 😊 Read Note
Tsitra Pongsaton Add BNK48 please 😇🤩 Read Note


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