Rimi - Ri
Rimi - Ri ^^ Read Note
Kyashii Just your casual weeb that likes gacha games Read Note
meta “메타” wijaya
meta “메타” wijaya #PayToWin I pay in-games on food fantasy to earn ranking in the game also getting the certain character that I want to get in the event(like pizza in his event by beating 100 clown) also I did pay twice in-game ikemen revolution trying to get ray special story in 'say I do' and using for gacha getting ray special 'splash of love' card there and I'm happy spending on getting it [開心]

but then later I cry for my google wallet and my internet money there[大哭] Read Note
VioletMochi めぐみ
VioletMochi めぐみ tbh a really fun game, my guild is really supportive and active and there are a lot of communities that can be asked for tips. 一 一+

IGN: Lauca
add me if y'all like, cheers. Read Note
Vivi Tan
Vivi Tan I realized that the voice actors for Deku and Todoroki are also voicing some food souls in this game 😍😍😍 Read Note


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