Mai Top Contributor **Maintenance**
The game will be in maintenance during 00:00 to 06:00 (UTC-8) and there will be a login event from 19 Sep to 3 Oct which you can get 3-star HG and T-Doll P226 by logging in for 7 days in total during this period! Read Note
Homura Shiei Group A & B winners are pretty much meta. Surprised waifu wins the poll on Group C. [怪笑]
Also, saw a guy got really salty on GFL Official Twitter because the Group C. [怪笑] Read Note
Miguelito Buenviaje And this happened for the 3rd time. Having a great time at the moment. Read Note
Annastasya Do what i wanna do Read Note
Homura Shiei I found this in my feed. Makes me so sad... [大哭] Read Note


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