CatrinaGreene [March 22 updated]
ATTENTION: Some Xiaomi devices need to be RESTARTED after the setting being changed, or you might run into force close when you redownload the game!!!
Tips for those who had "invalid apk" problem while you installing: You need to turn off *MIUI Optimization* in the phone settings (works on Mi phone). Read Note
Uchiha Echinox in order to download use a japan vpn, stop google store, clear all his cache and open the app, download the game from store and stop vpn. Read Note
Ean Koh Im not sure its 100% work if you willing to try please go ahead.

*Update patch does not need any VPN to access to the play store*

There are 2 methods:
Method 1(Credit to LuxyPher)
Close your play store, go to the app setting to force close your play store and clear the cache of the play store. After that, set your phone's clock as one of the japan time GMT+09:00 and open your play store to search for the game, the apps shown should be in japanese language now. If you are not able to find the game, you may use qoo link to the play store.
*If it does not work try connect to Japan server/IP using VPN, force close clear cache and open the play store*

Method 2
*You may need some of this requirement.*
1)A new google account(if you already have old sub/backup account which does not filled in with phone number you can use it as sub account)
*The phone number for the new account you have to leave it blank since it is optional, the more important is if you filled in your region's phone number you may not able to change to Japan play store, it will be detected*

2)VPN (you can try cyber ghost, DL it at play store)
*You can use any VPN you like as long as it can be connect to the Japan IP*

you need to DL cyber ghost and create a trial account. once complete, go to the play store and add the new google account as your sub account or you can try to add your new account in this following steps:
1)Open your device's settings app
2)Tap account > Add account> Google
3)Follow the instructions to add your account

Once you are done, close google play store and go to the system setting and force close the play store and clear cache(dont clear data, im not responsible for anything if you press the wrong button). after that, use cyber ghost to connect Japan IP/server. once you done, open your play store and switch to your new sub account and use qoo to link to the DL page(i cant search the app somehow). So its done, enjoy.

There is another way which is change your play store to Japan play store and you don't need any VPN, but it is not recommended because once you change to Japan play store you have to wait for 1 year to change your play store back to your region's play store. Read Note
Fusion Daily #WHEN this game is making us wait for too long shit and my hype is already gone because of the incoming updates of yugioh tcg and yugioh duel links

I'll just stay with yugioh, fk u vanguard .i. Read Note
Rex Lewis Ive been able to figure out most if these through trial and error, but I need someone to tell me what the last mission is. I cant read it XD Read Note


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