Mai Top Contributor Translation for you reference (๑•̀ㅁ•́ฅ) Read Note
Runia Jana
Runia Jana Can someone pls help me out? Read Note
Anime King Forever
Anime King Forever Does anyone else have the problem where the game will automaticly load at 10% and I'll have it load for even an hour and it will just stay at 10% Read Note
Маша Лебедева
Маша Лебедева 1st Anniversary Commemorative Shspie Lottery Event Every time you clear your favorite song, you can earn a lottery interest for this event. Clear lots of songs and earn luxury gifts! From May 21 (Tuesday) 16:00 to June 6 (Thu) 14:00 Held period Read Note
Маша Лебедева
Маша Лебедева ※ If you can not get a reply within one week from the notification of winning from in-app message, it is invalid Let me do it. ※ Please note that we can not answer inquiries about lottery and winning confirmation. ※ In addition, if it is determined that there was a wrongdoing, there is a case to cancel the winning. Read Note


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