Shogun Tanuki really bad news, they confirmed just a couple of hours ago that the game will be shut down this June 28, this really suck, this was the first time I played a otome game and although I wasnt a big fan of the genre the characters and their personalities grew on me, I feel kinda betrayed, is not the first time I got invested in a mobile game and then it has a sudden end (already suffered that with "Houkago girls tribe")

But oh well, the game still has 2 more months until the closure, kinda shitty their answer for shutting down the game is supposely because of "we have closed our service due to difficulties in providing services that satisfy our customers" and because of "earnings", if you buyed gems they are gonna do refunds later(or at least thats what they say)

I'm just glad that I have been able to provide a little help to the community that was formed around this game so they could enjoy it more Read Note
Shogun Tanuki guide on how to increase your stats in the training mode (I did this guide and post it a few days ago on my twitter, you can follow me if you want, I pretty much only tweet about this game for now) Read Note
Shogun Tanuki "Rank Idol" is something that until a few minutes I didnt knew how exactly works (and I bet some of you were still wondering "why the hell this guy isnt ranking up?") so here is the thing, first you go to the profile of all the teams and pick the character you want to rank up
Then you go to "Idol Skill" (here you can see all the stats of the character) Read Note
Ryuu Kuroichi (Ryuuchi) Nuuuuuuu;; Why Sega?!?! I loved this game and it's characters...;^; Read Note
RedDress Top Contributor Just 2 weeks left guys...[暈] Read Note


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