THE iDOLM@STER Shiny Colors Notes

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KirariMoroboshi F2P 4 eternity 😌 Regularly participate in events & log into the game. Also, once you figure out your own trick(s) of WINGs, you'll have the upper hand to collect feather jewels from true end scenes easily...if you need some more cha-chings~ [厲害]
#Idolmaster #ShinyColors
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Alex Tr4d1ng this accounts!! Pjsk Jp and Pjsk Eng L00king for Pjsk Jp, Pjsk Eng or Genshin!!
don't go first
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★shoeleices (closed) hellu everyone! im planning to create a discord server community for project sekai and other games where we can talk to other people and find some friends aswell !! ^^ i would like for someone to promote the server for more members to interact with! i would be glad if youre willing to help build up and give ideas for the server! im willing to give you the moderator role aswell as to help me and others in the server!! thank you everyone!! please comment your discord user so i can add you in the server! Read Note


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