rayelma .k
rayelma .k it seems like I'm the only one who have this problem but i know there's some people out there cant play this game. they said this under ssbts tweet. we cant play the game, even open the app. it always said; Superstar BTS can not responding close the app. Read Note
seoyeon hello i love bangtan, seventeen, txt, idle and samuel Read Note
Ji yeon Park
Ji yeon Park I haven't played since the latest update cuz its not working. I had this prob last time aswell and I had to re-install the app but this time even re-installing is not helping I've tried multiple times and at this point im giving up is it just only me?
ugh its so frustrating to think I'm missing a lot of events and going down in ranking 😔😔 Read Note
Jennie Santone
Jennie Santone Buttons are not pressed, it is impossible to play. I lose on the first notes. What to do? Read Note
Alejandra 🌠𝓒𝓸𝓾𝓹𝓵𝓮 🌠 Read Note


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