Zhang Jine
Zhang Jine When I watch ad to win diamonds I get 3/4 diamonds, when I close the game and open again I see a total of 0 diamonds!! why does this happen? Please Ponos fix this! And where are the Japanese Taemin songs? Do I really want to play "Under my skin" and only 2 songs from Jonghyun? This is a joke? Read Note
Claire Darkwoods
Claire Darkwoods None of the superstar games will let me update them it's only downloading for ages but nothing happens 😭😢 Read Note
Ravennice heeeey ever heard of a card lock feature? 🤧 Read Note
여보세요! 나는 지수 다. 만나서 반갑습니다! Read Note
عمر النهدي
عمر النهدي love it Read Note


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