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Bayaya Azur Lane 4th Anniv Event It's been 4 years since I played this game! How time flies!
So glad I quit Brave Frontier for Azur Lane.
Read Note AZUR LANE 4TH ANNIVERSARY EVENT ~Upon the Shimmering Blue~ Gacha - YouTube Played and recorded using LDPlayer, A free lighweight android emulator for pretty much any game that you feel would be more comfortable played in PC. Help ou...
Miria Cute Azur Lane Japanese アズールレーン日本人(4周年)[色色] Read Note
Bayaya Not much to pull but I like Ingraham, kinda meaty for a destroyer.  Read Note
3Ds 🌸Fanart🌸 ◇ Le Malin ◇ 
『Artwork by ☪禰朔/ミソグ✬』
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Kipuy Sama are this happened only to me? why like this
after updated this game wont run a connection in 1mbps 
but i need to download 2,5gb data in this game but it run slowly
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