Danil - ? Read Note
Halbeard Oficial can anyone help me? I got stuck in this screen everytime I tried to open the game Read Note
Syalia Rifdah The Madoka Magica Collaboration will start today after the maintenance! Also a new Pukupuku Welcome Pack will be available too! (this one probably a purchase pack or something...). Oof... Finally the collab start! Since I'm fan of both series, Madomagi and Monogatari. This event is holy for me! Read Note
Josué Rodas Haz tengo un problema cuando termino de jugar el instalar me pide que descatgue archivos adicionales, solamente que al descargar dichos archivos se detiene la descarga y ya no se descarga nada Read Note
Syalia Rifdah New collaboration event will start next month. And iiiiiiiiiiit's~ collaboration with Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica! Since Magireco do the Madoga tari collaboration event quite long ago, I know this'll happen! Read Note


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