Monogatari Series Pucpuc Notes

Araragi O sige na nga ifollow saglit
Araragi Monogatari series read and pic
Cookies & Creme F in the chat boys; game is ending March 31st.
Read Note End of Service Announcement : PucPuc r/PucPuc: A place to discuss Monogatari PucPuc, a mobile game based on the Monogatari series created by NHN PlayArt. We are unofficial, and not …
rAleksandrrr_616. Suddenly, the game doesn't load anymore when I "tap to start". I uninstalled it a while ago and I installed it again now, but it's the same. It keeps loading forever. Help. Read Note
Santolini Channel Why cant I buy this? Dont I have enough Gems? Read Note


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