Kirara Fantasia Notes

rhainneboss Goodbye for actual gameplay I'll salute this game for standing up long and Bocchi is the last series added for remembrance  Read Note
Alfib Can I play the game offline after the shut down? Read Note
QooApp News Kirara Fantasia Shuts Down on February 28 The manga-crossover RPG Kirara Fantasia featuring loads of characters from several cute series is shutting down next year. Thank you for the memories!
Read Note Kirara Fantasia Shuts Down on February 28 - QooApp News The beloved manga cross-over RPG, Kirara Fantasia is shutting down on February 28 after a run lasting 5 years and 2 months. Thank you for the memories!
Chi Zhe Need help Is anyone encountered this error before ? i can't switch google account since i start play with google account long time ago , but i dont want to lose it and be in vain :( Read Note
DedyGunawan Playing DDR EXTREME When playing DDR EXTREME on PSXC2 + Kirara Fantasia Read Note


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