TheKimikochan93 If anyone is interested
This is a possible cause of the problems
As I said, possible!
I'm just quoting someone
take it with a grain of salt

"basically there's two versions of apks that the google play store distributes for different processors and some people are installing the wrong one without knowing
something to do with 64bit and 32bit apks to put it simply" Read Note
Apercerzense since having problem with the game at QooApp, I installed the game directly at apkpure and it worked. initially I didn't uninstall/ reinstall the JP one, just install at apkpure thinking I'm gonna have two same icons.. but it kinda like merge with the existing one (?) no login or anything required. Read Note
Alexia Alfred I'm so sad, I have the Japanese version and used a Wiko. When I download the new update it says at the end that it can't finish the download because it's not compatible anymore.. Read Note
Joszayw i tried to download the patch and it doesn't install
it says "app not installed"[大哭][大哭] Read Note
Nicocchi van Yazawa (Nico-Chan) The Japanese Twitter account said that there released an update, version 2.10.1, we only need to wait for it to be here! The problem might be fixed then, at leats I hope!
Read Note


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