Kris Na #Rhythm_Game_Bingo
Red : The Best One and i play it Competitively
Yellow : love the songs but i don't play it
Pink : have it in my phone and play it just for fun
Black : i don't like it and don't want to install it
Grey : i don't know the concept and the game
Orange : i know it but i can't download it because memory
Purple : i have seen it on advertisiment
And that's all
sorry for my bad English Read Note
Jenjira Phoonuch #Rhythm_Game_Bingo It doesn't matter. It will play like this.😂😂😂 Read Note
MTNTWarz #Rhythm_Game_Bingo
red: played before
black:still playing Read Note
Belle Yami Gaming #Rhythm_Game_Bingo I'm only getting started! Read Note


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