Alyssa Roque can someone tell me what this means?? I can't start the game because it keeps popping up Read Note
RyuuJin TianLan i almost lost my account because i cant load data from my facebook, then i ask utapri japan CS if they can give me back my account, they're so kind, although i dont understand japanese and just use translation, they always answer my question and understand my answer for they answer, thank you very much, they are so the best!!! im so happy my account back to me and i can see my tokiya again [哇噻] Read Note
airin.03 can anyone play the game after the update ? mine still can't play even I downloaded the app through apkpure and merge with the old ver [大哭]
or does anyone know how to log in if I forgot the password [大哭][大哭] Read Note
Jennifer Benhayoun Hi I'm French and I also have a problem with the game. I can't get in the game, it says that I don't have enough storage in my phone which is wrong. :( Read Note
TheKimikochan93 If anyone is interested
This is a possible cause of the problems
As I said, possible!
I'm just quoting someone
take it with a grain of salt

"basically there's two versions of apks that the google play store distributes for different processors and some people are installing the wrong one without knowing
something to do with 64bit and 32bit apks to put it simply" Read Note


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