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AegisTelos Anyone know an effective strategy for taking out Demon God Pillars? Like, classwise, what's a good team composition. I finallt got past fighg two of Gawain in Camelot and I was doing pretty good, but I still can't seem to beat Demon God Pillars without dying. I heard Jeanne D'Arc is a good pick because het Noble Phantasm protects against their NP attacks. During the first fight, I noticed Amun-Ra was taking extra damage from my Tamamo support (I remembered about Jeanne afterwards) so I went with my Caster team in the second fight, but I noticed Extra classes like Gorgon took less damage. I'm assumong going on the defensive is a better option.

Also, I'm considering switching out Gorgon from my specialised classes for a Berserker. I mean, I love Gorgon, I'm super happy I got her as soon as I did, but now that I'm less stubborn about using her, I'm not seeing much reason to keep her in the specialised teams right now. Maybe I'll return her to them once the strengthening quests come out, but I think a Berserker would make for a better back up Servant. Read Note
Mr Promising yeah dude im already got Iws2000, Negev, S.A.T.8, Atago, Bismarck, Nictoris, and Jeanne D'arc. fck off ╮(╯3╰)╭ Read Note
Biggus Dickus dooone✔ Read Note


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