Chung bing yuan So many month of saving sq376,ticket40 need to use all of it just to get one copy of archuria on the last roll thx god she come home Read Note
4everF2P Mau tanya dong....Banner jalter munculnya kapan lagi ya? Read Note
AegisTelos Got Caster Marie off the Gacha. Not sure I'm gonna use her though since I'm kinda partial to Medea and I'm considering grailing her luke I did Medusa. Gonna still grind her up though.

I have some a couple of quedtions though.
1) How do I get the final copy of Summertime Mistress? Do I have to keep grinding and hope it drops?

2) When do I get the other three Gae Bolg Replicas? I knpw they only become relevant after you complete part 2, but I didn't miss my chance to get them bu doing the extra part 1 quests before part 2's release, did I? Read Note
Mandala6 Everybody sharing their gacha result with ssr servant. It hurts right in the heart. Remembering spending 120 sq and didn't get anything useful. Not even 4* servant Read Note
Kurenai Shiki Done Read Note


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