amirah rosyadah does anyone know how to delete cards ? or make the cards into a album ? Read Note
egamds How do verify the Tsukipara account? By the way I have a Tsukipara account, when I reset my cellphone, and tried to reinstall Tsukipara, my account was lost. even though I thought I made my account id and password in the game. Can anyone help me to restore my Tsukipara account? if you can teach me please. that is my favorite account😣😭
Read Note
WinterBlossom I really don't wanna start over... Read Note
WinterBlossom I want to keep playing.. but I lost everything because it didn't work when I tried to restore my data... Read Note
WinterBlossom I just got a new phone and... I tried to restore my data.. but it didn't work...I don't want to lose everything... Read Note


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